Assisted Living Options

Frequently Asked Questions

do i need a service agreement?


Yes you do.

 Before any service is provided to you, a service agreement must be developed and signed off by you or your important other and Assisted Living Options. The agreement sets out the costs, the hours agreed, when and where the service will be provided and by whom. The service agreement is your document about how the services will be provided. The service agreement will identify any out of pocket expenses required by you. For example tickets to  the movies - meals etc.

Can I change my mind?


Yes you can, in fact you can change your mind anytime. 

Is there a complaint / compliment process?


Yes. there is.  

At Assisted Living Options we value feedback of all kinds. Be it positive (a compliment) or negative (complaint). You can even lodge a complaint without leaving your name or contact details. You can complain to Assisted Living Options directly, or you can contact the NDIS Commission via its website or by phone.